Our services include, from the study of the project, preparation of budgets, procedures for licenses at City Hall and any other processes necessary to perform the work.

Once the work, all the final documents (certificate of occupancy, the first employment, request for return of guarantees, etc.),
Subsequently the gradual building maintenance.

Our company has a staff of technical architecture service, to carry out any work:

-Management and new project work, renovation, renovations, additions, pools and activities for the opening of a business.

-Actions in the field of safety and health (coordination, research and safety plans).

-Processing of certificates of occupation and second jobs.

-Certificate of efficiency.

-Reports on pathologies of construction

-Technical inspections of the building (ITE)

We also have a great team of collaborators:

-Metal and exterior carpentry
-Gardening, etc.

All this is available for the customer, to be able to carry to out